Guidelines, Protocols and Rules for Week of Rivers
at Smoky Mountain Meadows Campground


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Seasonal Sites

We have seasonal sites for the campground that are NOT IN THE ROTATION for a WOR perm site assignment.  All designated, numbered sites are currently in the WOR reservation rotation.  If a non-seasonal site has a long-term guest, they will be moving their rig or tent off the site for the 10 days of WOR only, unless it is also their WOR Perm Site.  Seasonal site guests may or may not be a CCC member or paddler.  If a seasonal site happens to be empty for WOR (has never happened) then we may offer it to the CCC membership for WOR use for that year only.

Open Field Camping

We have 2 large, multi-acre fields, the Upper and the Lower, that are First Come/First Serve.  No Reservations are required for Open Field Camping.  You may just show up, pay the Field camping fees and go pick an area.  We have never filled up these fields.  Even if you have picked the same area for multiple years in a row, if someone else checks in before you do and chooses that area, they do NOT have to move. There are NO WOR PERM SITES in the Open Fields other than 40A and 40B.  Non-CCC members are allowed to camp in these fields during WOR.

DO NOT Hammock or Tent Camp in/at the Pavilion.  You will be asked to move.

WOR Perm Sites

To have the privilege of being assigned a WOR Perm Site:


You must be a current CCC Member Household through the end of WOR

You commit to reserving and paying for the entire event by June 15

You commit to physically attending and using your site at least 6 of the 9 nights of the event

If you are not a current member of CCC through the end of WOR, you will lose your right

 to your WOR Perm Site and SMMC will offer it per procedures below.


These are designated numbered sites, not Open Field Camping.  A WOR Perm Site will be in the name of one CCC member household as defined above.  You may roll over the deposit you put down on it from year to year to retain the right to reserve it yearly for the event.  No more than 1 site per member household.  No exceptions.

If, for 2 out of any 3 consecutive years the member whose name is assigned to the site (or an adult member of their member household) IS NOT PHYSICALLY ON IT, the member household loses their site, and their deposit will be refunded.  SMMC decides if it stays in rotation or goes into seasonal site status. (2/3 Rule)

WOR Only Site: During WOR we have several numbered sites that are not on our official seasonal map.  These are designated, numbered sites for tent camping that come with a picnic table and fire ring JUST FOR WOR PARTICIPANTS DURING WOR.  We reserve the right to add and subtract them as we see fit.  These are 8B, 8C, 40A, 40B, 44A, 44B, 66, 80, 81, 82, E1, E2, and E3.

NO Subletting: You may not decide someone else can use your WOR Perm Site while you are not in attendance.  This is NOT allowed. There will be no subletting, no exceptions.  If you sublet, your guests will be denied the use of the site upon check-in, they will only be allowed to camp in the open field, and you will automatically lose your site.  SMMC retains exclusive rights to assign your empty site.  Switching sites without prior approval from SMMC is not allowed and will be considered subletting with attendant consequences.

Group Sites: We do not offer our normal group sites as a perm site for WOR.

Waiting Lists

RV Full Hookup WOR Perm Site

Cabin WOR Perm Site

Water & Electric Only WOR Perm Site

Primitive Tent WOR Perm Site.

These waiting lists are only for the WOR Perm sites, not for seasonal sites or any other event  or situation.  You may only be on ONE waiting list at a time.  No exceptions. If you want to shift from one waiting list to another, you may do so as long as there is room.  You will NOT retain your place on the second list that you had on the first list, you go to the bottom of the new list if it is open.  All waiting lists will now be limited to 15 names.  At the time of this document, all waiting lists are closed until they go below 15.  They are available for inspection at the office.  You must be a current CCC member to be added to the waiting list and at the time of being offered either a temporary or permanent site for WOR.  If not, you will be taken off the list.

Reservation Process

Every year SMMC closes all WOR Perm Sites in the campground from online reservations by the public through our online reservation system. We will hand enter each WOR Perm Site Reservation after the following process occurs. Please note: No courtesy phone call will be made after deadlines. You are responsible for knowing when to register and when to pay.

  1. May 1st of each year an email will be sent for confirmation of attendance, total number of guests and all names for that site, what days your guests will be attending and a deadline for response and a fee schedule. This document will also be attached.
  2. June 1st an email will be sent with an invoice for the 10 days/9 nights of camping at WOR. You must let us know in advance if you want to come in before the first Friday of camping for the event or leave after the last day of the event so we may correctly invoice you and add those days not in WOR to your reservation to ensure your site will be available for the extra days.  If the number and names of the people on your site changes by check in, we will adjust the registration and fees accordingly.
  3. Every guest on your list must also be a member of CCC through the end of WOR.
  4. Payment of the invoice will be required by June 15th. If you do not pay your invoice by the deadline, you will lose your spot for that year, and we will fill it according to the process outlined below. This will count towards the 2/3 Rule. You may camp in Open Field Camping.  We will no longer collect fees from individual guests on your site.  You are responsible for paying/collecting the fees and then paying us by the deadline.
  5. When we are notified that a member will not be using their site for the current year, as a courtesy to those on the waiting list, we will send out a mass emailing to the entire list for that kind of site alerting there is a temporary one-year availability. (For example: only those on the waiting list for an RV WOR Perm Site will be sent the notice of temp availability for an RV site) First person to respond by the deadline gets it.  This will not affect your standing on the Waiting List for a WOR Perm Site.  If no one responds by the deadline, we will post on CCC’s Facebook Page.  First to respond gets it. No group emailing or phone calls will be done at this point by SMMC staff to fill the vacancy.  Please do not call us asking about cancellations, you will be referred to this document.
  1. When someone gives up or loses the right to their assigned WOR Perm Site, SMMC will call those on the waiting list starting with number 1 until a member takes the site offered. If a member passes on the site, they will stay on the list in their spot. (Example-Person 1, 2 and 3 pass on a primitive tent site due to no shade and person 4 takes it, 1, 2 and 3 will retain their place on the list and 5 and lower will all move up one.)  We will alert CCC to announce on their webpage and Facebook page any and all openings when they occur within 48 hours on any and all waiting lists.  First come/first serve for filling openings on waiting lists.


Checking in for your reservation is not the same as event registration.  Check with CCC for those procedures.  Check-in for WOR Perm Sites will be no earlier, without prior arrangement with SMMC, than Noon for everything but the cabins which is 2pm.

Reservation check-in will be at the small pavilion outside the office. After checking IDs, you will be given a Welcome Packet after signing your reservation registration card which will include but is not limited to:

-a checklist on the front of your reservation (site, # of cars, names of people paid for, etc.)

-a wrist band for each person you previously signed up on your site that must be worn the entire time of your reservation

– # of car tags requested at time of payment. You must display your car tags at all times you are in the campground.

You will then proceed to your site.  If you need more car tags or the names/numbers of people registered to your site has changed since June 15, only then will you need to go to the office, to adjust your reservation, fees, wrist bands and car tags

If you have guests coming in after the first day of WOR, not on the original Pre-Registration Form, you will be responsible for: letting us know, collecting their fees and getting their wristbands and car tags from the office.  Please do not send your guests alone to the office to take care of this.


Check out is noon of the last day of your reservation for ALL sites.  If you need or want to have a late check out, YOU MUST GET PRIOR APPROVAL FROM THE OFFICE FIRST.  We do have sites that have reservations coming in on the same day the event ends.  ALL guests must check out at the office.

If you leave before the end of your reservation, there will be no refunds.  To have the privilege of being assigned a Perm WOR Site, you have committed to reserving and paying for the entire event.


Only paying overnight guests may park at a designated site or in open camping fields.  If you have a Day Parking Pass, you MUST park in the Day Parking Area at all times unless loading or unloading for your paddling trip.

No more than two cars/trucks per numbered site, any extras need to park in the day parking/overflow area for overnight except for sites 41, 60 and 61 which will be allowed to have four.  Since sites 40A and 40B are in the lower field, they have no limit. There will be a day parking/overflow area at bottom of Upper Field and an overflow area right inside the opening for the Lower Field.

You may load and unload for your paddling trips as needed at your site.  Please be respectful of those around by not leaving your trip vehicles in the road or on the site if it exceeds the allowed number per site for longer than needed to load or unload.


Do Not leave pets unattended at tent camping sites while you are off site.  If you are in an RV or Cabin, you may leave your pet inside and the campground is NOT responsible or liable for the health and safety of your pet. You will be charged for any and all repairs for parts and labor for damages to cabins.

All dogs need to remain on a leash while on-site, and you are responsible for picking up after them.

There is a pet fee of $5 per night per pet on all sites.

If you leave your pet unattended either outside or inside a tent while you are off campground property, you will be asked to leave immediately and forfeit your WOR Perm Site if you are assigned one. If you don’t have a Perm WOR Site, you will be asked to leave immediately and be banned from camping at SMMC for one calendar year.  You may come onto SMMC property at the next WOR as a Day Parker.

Other General Information

If you lose your car tag or wristband, we will give you another one no charge after checking your ID against the list of persons assigned to your site.  We have a master list to check against for those who are Open Field Campers.

Do not walk BETWEEN RV sites, if you are not a guest at those sites, to get around the campground.  Respect the personal space of those who have a designated or seasonal RV site.

Do not run electric cords if you are not in a designated site that has electric unless prior approval from management is obtained.  They will be unplugged.

Due to the increase in attendees, please try to take short showers, and have patience when the hot water runs out.  We add another hot water heater to the system for this event.  Our cleaning schedule for the bathhouse is posted in the bathhouse.  No one may use the facility while staff is cleaning. Plan accordingly.

We are NOT responsible for accidents or injury to guests or for loss of money, jewelry, or valuables or belongings of any kind.  Lock items in your vehicle if possible if you are concerned.

If you have signed the registration form for this event upon check-in, you have agreed to comply with all campground rules and regulations above and posted on the premises.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and/or ask them to leave if they do not comply with the rules and regulations as posted and agreed to.

SMMC reserves the right to make any changes it deems and has final say so on all campground guidelines, protocols and rules for WOR .